General Options

General option is a form where the user defines a number of default selections. From Main Form toolbar we use to get this form.


Default handling of Calculation results.

  • Precision digits. Precision digits of Calculation's result
  • Engineering Style. Display of Calculation result using engineering format like 13.5K (13.5*10^3). See engineering notation symbols.
  • Preserve trailing zeroes. E.g. If the precision digits are for example three (3) the number 12.3 will appear as 12.300 if this is checked


Affects the default selection of appearance of the three columns at Calculation list, in color and font style.


Default selection for automatic Name generation when new Calculations are created. The generated name usually is the Expression's name with a numeric suffix to make it unique. But we can change that.

  • Prefix. Defines a prefix for the automatically generated name.
  • Name. Defines the main body of the automatically generated name.
  • Use prefix. Activates the use of Prefix if checked.
  • Use Name.  Activates the use of  Name if checked.
  • Fast Create. When the drag & drop method is used to create new Calculations then the "New Calculation" form do not appear if this is checked.

Code Editors

Selects font (fixed pitch) and font size for CalcIt code editors.

Also defines the character set to be used in all CalcIt forms.

Date Format

Selects the date format will be used. Affects the DATE command, Date constants, and DATESTR.