CalcIt Commands

VCS(Value, RGBColor, Style)

Returns a multi-field value which contains the three values passed. For example the statement below:

PrintArr( vcs(10,clRed,'BI') );

will print:


This command is used to pass a value together with color and style information to print and PRINTF commands. For the color information can be passed any of the predefined color constants and any other color composed with the RGB command. For the style information a string value is needed which has to contain combinations of I, B, U, S letters, where I stands for Italic, B for Bold, U for underline and S for Strikeout.

For example print('Any Text',clRed,'BU') will print 'Any Text' in red and in Bold and Underline. Note that a ctrRTFMEMO control has to be selected as the current output for the additional information to take effect.

RGBColor and Style parameters are optional.

See also PRINT and PRINTF commands. Also the Using Forms topic.

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