CalcIt Commands

READFILE(FileVar, start=0, NumOfData=rest of FileVar, AccessType=default access type)

Copies data from a file and returns them as an array.

  • FileVar. File to copy from
  • start. Start copying from start of f. In bytes from the beginning of the file. Optional. If omitted 0.
  • NumOfData. Number of AccessType elements to copy. Optional. Rest of FileVar if omitted.
  • AccessType. Kind of elements to copy. Can be atBYTE, atWORD, atDWORD, atINTEGER, atFLOAT, positive number for fixed size strings. Optional. Default access type if omitted.

e.g. set a=READFile(f,0,1000,atBYTE);

It is used in array expressions.

See also Using File Variables, FileRecDef, FileDel, FileIns, FileAdd, FileToFile, ArrToFile, Size, FileRecs

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