CalcIt Commands


Every piece of CalcIt code returns a value. Also every statement which returns a value, if this value is not assigned to a variable through assignment operator (:=) , changes the returned value of the whole code.

When we want to ignore the value returned by a statement and the same time protect the current value returned by the whole code (RESULT), instead of making an assignment to a variable we can use command NORET which is offered for readability and convenience reasons.

IgnoreValueFunc(10,20,30);       //RESULT is changed
noret IgnoreValueFunc(10,20,30);
//RESULT is not changed

Numeric or alphanumeric expressions, local functions, Class public functions and User defined functions (UDF) always return a value. Many standard commands (like trigonometry functions) return a value but others do not. For example command PRINT and many others. It is specified in the documentation if a standard command returns a value or not.

NOTE: Inside local functions we speak about function's returned value. The returned value of the whole code is not affected in either way.

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