CalcIt Commands


This command is used in Class definitions (at Class list in Library page) and can be placed only at the very beginning of the new Class code. Between INHERITS and END is enclosed a block of commands that are used to declare a number of inherited Classes and also initialize their constructors. Only assignment operation can be used in this block, the SET command and EXTERN and INTERN that are used to define the interface of the constructor of the new derived Class. See the example below:

//new Class constructor parameters
 set db=CLASS ODBC(DSN,UserName,Password);

The above code creates a new Class that inherits from CQuery Class. First Initializes the variable db and passes this to the constructor of the inherited CQuery. You can find this code at CQry Class in Classes list at the Library page.

For a complete description of Classes and Class variables see "Using Classes and Class Variables" .

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