CalcIt Commands

FORMDEF(X, Y, W, H, Title, Properties List, ControlsList)

Creates Form layouts. A Form layout can be used to create Form variables that create and handle real time instances of the layout and permit the user to enter data.

This command is evaluated completely at compile time so all values passed in its parameters must be constants.

It returns an ID representing the described layout (known, also, at compile time).

This ID can be passed in the Form variable definition/redefinition syntax to create Form variables:

set frm=FORM(LayOutID,100);

  • X. Horizontal position of the Form in the desktop.
  • Y. Vertical position of the Form in the desktop.
  • W. Width of the Form
  • H. Height of the form
  • Title. Initial title in the Form's caption
  • Properties List. The rest of properties of a Form, not included as parameters in this statement, can be defined in this list as a series of PropertyName=value pairs separated by commas.
  • ControlsList. Is a comma separated list of special commands, each one defining a specific kind of control.

Visual Form Designer can handle completely the creation of this statement. Prefer to use this tool for the creation and maintenance of your Forms because will avoid to deal much with the details of FORMDef.

See also Using Form variables

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