CalcIt Commands

BUFFERFILL(BufferField, FillValue=0,Sz=size(BufferField))

This command is used to initialize a Buffer variable or a Buffer variable field with a specific byte value.

SET bf=BUFDEF(f1:atINTEGGER, f2:atCHAR[30]);
//bf initialized with zeroes
//bf.f2 initialized with zeroes

The above code creates a Buffer variable bf and initialize its memory with zeroes in the second line. In the third fills only the field f2 of bf.

  • BufferField. Buffer variable or one of its fields, to fill with a specific value
  • FillValue parameter is optional and if omitted then zero (0) is assumed. It can take values in the range 0-255.
  • Sz. Number of bytes to fill. Is optional. If omitted then the whole BufferField will be filled.

See also Using Buffer Variables.

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