CalcIt Commands

ARRTOFILE(ArrExpr, FileVar, start=0, AccessType=default access type)

Copies the contents of ArrExpr in a File. The data are stored in the form of the requested access type starting at position start in the file.

  • ArrExpr. We copy all the elements of array ArrExpr
  • FileVar. File that will receive the ArrExpr contents
  • start. Start position at f where the copy begins. In bytes from the beginning of the file. Optional. Zero if omitted.
  • AccessType. Data format to store array elements in the file. Can be atBYTE, atWORD, atDWORD, atINTEGER, atFLOAT, positive number for fixed size strings. Optional. Default access type if omitted.

See also Using File Variables, FileRecDef, FileDel, FileIns, FileToFile, READFile, ArrToFile, Size, FileRecs, FileAdd, FileSearch, FileAdd

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