Alphabetical Keywords List

Here is a list of all internal commands in CalcIt language. Predefined constants, Operators and Form properties, function and Events are not listed here.

In the definition of parameters of every command the following conventions are used:

Symbol Symbol meaning
nv Variable with numeric value is needed
av Variable with numeric or alphanumeric value
arr,arr1,ar Array variable is needed
Expr, Expr1,Expr2 Expression that returns any kind of value (numeric or not)
NExpr Expression that returns numeric value is needed
ArrExpr Array expression is needed.
idx array index
c a single character value
Condition Expression that returns 1 (TRUE) or 0 (FALSE)
... Variable number of expressions (separated by commas) or statements (separated by semicolon), depending of the context
UDF User Defined Function
wildcards They define a group of Calculations to act upon them. The group is defined through the names of the Calculations using wildcards in the parameters of special commands (like MAX, SUM, etc) . Wildcards is a string value. Wildcards works like DOS file names. e.g. SUM('a1??2*'). Commands using wildcards affect the Calculations above the one which executes them directly or indirectly (In Calculation expressions, Calculation parameters or UDF called by them)
Optional parameters or command parts In Bold Blue
Commands to Handle Calculation items In Bold RED
Not listed here Expressions or variables doing what their names imply