Code Editors

CalcIt has its own editor system to handle code authoring. CalcIt's Code Editor is simple but has all the basic capabilities for its purpose and most important features color syntax highlight to help code's readability.

Right click inside any code editor activates a POPUP menu to handle basic clipboard commands.

Right click on a word selects the word.

Symbols Pair highlight. If, using the keyboard, place the cursor at the start of the symbols ( ) [ ] SELECT, FOR, IF, REPEAT, UNTIL, END then this symbol and its pair will be highlighted with RED BOLD.

NOTE: We can change editor's font and font size in General Options.

Keyboard commands

Command Selector

Command selector helps to find quickly a command (standard or UDF) and insert it in code's text. Double clicking of a command in the list automatically inserts it in the active code editor at cursor last position. You can limit the content of the list typing part of the command in the edit box.

NOTE: Selecting any of the standard keywords and pressing F1 brings help for it.